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An Open Letter to Nicholas Crawshaw

By an Anonymous Contributor

I am one of the eleven women you raped and sexually assaulted.

You may have fooled a jury, but you, me and the many other survivors of your sexual violence will always know the truth.

I did not expect you to plead guilty; you are not that much of a man. You stated that the police made you out to be a “monster” and that is exactly what you are.

You are a coward. You are a coward who paid thousands of pounds for a criminal defence barrister to defend your lies. You are a coward who allowed your own parents to speak out your lies. You are a coward who forced eleven women to relive the pain you had already put them through.

You didn’t just violate those women and me; you violated our partners, our families, our friends and our rights. After what you did to me I experienced depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. I had flashbacks and nightmares. I self harmed. I wanted to die.

I never got the opportunity to read to you my victim personal statement. This explains the emotional, physical, social and occupational impact that your attack has had on my life. You will never know the pain you have caused. However as you said yourself, you are a “heartless p****” and the fact that you lied about what you did shows that you have no remorse.

I feel failed by those twelve jury members. I feel failed by the legal system. I feel failed by society.

The 16 months you spent behind bars wasn’t even close to enough, but I hope it made you feel like the criminal that you are. You are not a “womaniser”. You are a rapist. A rapist who feels entitled to take advantage of women, who preys on the intoxicated and vulnerable. Thanks to the Chester Chronicle, Chester Standard, Mirror, Daily Mail and all the other newspapers, the world will forever brand you as a sexual predator. The articles with your pictures on will be available for everyone to see forever.

I hope this experience will stop you from raping and sexually assaulting any more women. I hope you will learn what consent means and that no means no. I hope you will learn to respect women.

I am so proud of myself and the ten other brave women for standing up for justice and speaking out the truth. I am just glad that you were brought from a cell in handcuffs and forced to sit and listen to each of us describing the horrific things you did to us.

You have brought more pain into my life than I could ever imagine I could feel. You took away my confidence, my happiness, and my rights. You almost took my life. But you do not have that control anymore. What didn’t kill me has made me stronger. You will never silence me again.

One of the survivors of your acts of sexual violence

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