These workshops engage students with the issues surrounding sexual violence, consent, misdirected victim-blaming and survivor support.

#NotGuilty workshops

(We are currently not running workshops at this time – please bear with us! In the meantime, please do get in touch below if you would like lesson ideas or information packs on consent for school students in the UK.) 

These workshops are run by #NotGuilty and operate with a social emphasis. These workshops are split into a two-part system: “what you deserve from consent” and “what others deserve from you”. The workshops aim to cover consent; survivor support; the impact of sexual assault on survivors; the process of reporting abusive behaviour; the nuances of consent in multiple scenarios, including within-relationship abuse; keeping safe online; and how to support those who have experienced an assault. The workshops use true-story resources from our research, including victim impact pieces, in order to explore consent and abuse in the most effective and realistic ways possible. This workshop structure is available in workplaces, as well as schools. Workshops also incorporate current affairs discussions about sexual assault in the news.

The Schools Consent Project workshops

The lawyer-run Schools Consent Project is an organisation teaching consent in schools all over the UK with a legal approach. They discuss the legal definition of ‘consent’ and key sexual offences (including ‘sexting’) with students aged 11-18. Through hour-long interactive workshops, they aim to normalise conversations about consent in order to challenge sexually harmful attitudes amongst young people. They empower students with a language and confidence to give, withhold or withdraw consent and to call out non-consensual sexual activity in others. Alongside the legal framework, their workshops address victim impact, bystander intervention, and appropriate responses to victim disclosure. Having set up in November 2014, they have spoken to nearly 1000 students to date (September 2015). In time, they hope that the Project will disrupt juror misconceptions (which range from ‘she was asking for it’ to ‘real men don’t get raped’, according to the Crown Prosecution Service) and act as a preventative tool against escalating sexual violence rates.

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If you would like to apply to be trained as one of #NotGuilty’s workshop-facilitating team, please get in touch via our ‘Contact’ form. 

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“On Oct 23 2015, the SCP and the ‪#‎NotGuilty‬ campaign delivered a highly professional one hour workshop to our Sixth Formers at d’Overbroeck’s College, Oxford. The session was immediately engaging and sought to confront many of the issues around consent with relevant and articulate discussion. The material was presented in an open, informal manner but always carried a strong, consistent (and legal!) message all the way through. It was refreshing to hear our students talking quite normally and respectfully about consent that evening and, in my opinion, the issue deserves to have as much attention paid to it as compulsory alcohol and drug awareness talks in schools.”