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Double-Edged Perspective


This perspective of a rapist is double-edged – the view of a victim unknown to the rapist, and the view of the wife of the rapist – also his victim.


I could smell oil
Engine oil
What did he do for a living?
He ripped at my clothes
And I felt a ring
Was he married?
His breath stank
Cigarettes and beer
Had he come from a pub?
He was hurting me now
Had he been watching me?
Following me?
Why hadn’t I stayed home?
Did he have a home?
Someone waiting for him?
Someone who didn’t ask questions?

Questions too:

Here he is…
Slamming the door…
Smelling of oil…
Acting God’s gift…
Stench of cigarettes
And beer
They told me
I didn’t listen
That he was a wrong un
His dirty nails
Blood on his hands
Don’t look
Just do what he wants
Don’t ask questions

copyright Anita Pembleton 2014

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