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“This was my first experience of drink spiking.”

By Lauren

I was out last night with my mum, only went for a couple of drinks, and wanted to show her a new night club in town, I had work the next day so I only had about 3 drinks in the first pub knowing I had to be awake for work.

We met a friend of my mums and what I thought a friend of mine was, he is almost 30 years older than me. About 6ft big build he is a ex army, I’ve seen him on nights out before… and have kissed due to being drunk. He asked for my number one night which I gave him… not wanting anything sexual with him. I put the kiss down to being drunk and maybe craving some attention. He asked me to go round to his place a number of occasions, I’ve politely declined each time… making excuses.

Anyway he decided to come to the new nightclub I wanted to show my mum. He didn’t try to kiss me at all.. I had one more drink in the night club which he had bought for me, and within half hour of this I felt extremely drunk.. I couldn’t see straight and my legs started to give way on me. I was throwing up constantly.

My mum saw me and new instantly someone had spiked me, at the time I wasn’t aware, I lost all concept of time and was very unsteady on my feet, at the time not realising I had been spiked mum and this 50 year old “friend” carried me home. He had been carrying my bag on him and helped through the door. I laid down on the sofa and he came and sat next to me. This is where I lost my ability to speak and ability to move. I knew what was happening but my body and speech weren’t co operating with my head, he started to try and touch me. He was attempting to put his hands down my trousers and was touching my breasts under my top. I felt so defeated and vulnerable that I couldn’t get out the speech to stop. I had not given any consent to this and didn’t want it to happen I know what his intentions were.

My mum didn’t see most of this as she assumed as well as myself he was just a family friend. I think it may have been him that spiked my drink but could not be sure. My mum helped me to bed. And then this “friend” comes in and lifts the covers asks me why I’m sleeping in my clothes and attempts to undo my Jean’s and tells me to get my pjs on. I attempted to move from the bed to get my pjs for the pure fact I wanted him to stop trying to take my clothes off. My mum came in and told me to get into bed it didn’t matter what I was wearing. I eventually fell asleep. It’s been constantly running round in my head about what would have happened if my mum wasn’t there and what he would have done to me. I feel to blame too because I didn’t have the ability to tell him to stop. Even though I did not give consent. I haven’t been able to tell my mum he was touching me as she would have felt like she failed as a safe-guarder. Even though she may know what was happening but felt just as vulnerable as myself due to his size and build.

This was an awful experience and the thoughts of what could have happend are sickening. 

This was my first experience of drink spiking. Its 24 hours after and I still feel ill.

I was going to report it but by the time I had realised I had been spiked it was the next day and assumed I was to blame.

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